Charlie II

Computer controlled basketball machine for shooting practice

Shooting accuracy in today’s basketball is increasingly important. The ability to score from middle or long ranges is not just a privilege of a few elite teams but basically an essential condition for any player who wants to play a top-level basketball. The Charlie basketball machine supports creating customized training programs with alternating shooting positions and distances. These programs can be stored in Charlie’s memory and easily selected during the next training session.


- 9 shooting positions
- adjustable cadency
- adjustable pass speed / distance
- manual setting of height angle for passes
- adjustable number of shots
- live score counter with percentage
- simple setting of custom programs
- optimal number of balls in the feeder - 5


- in collapsed state fits into a standard 80 cm (31") door
- if disassembled, can be transported with a minivan

Together with the additional backboard it is possible to use the machine outside a sport hall. A backboard is not included in the basic offer.

An app for comparing performance in a standardized test is under development. Data will be sent over Bluetooth directly into your smart phone.